List of Courses and Outlines

Titles and content, weekly teaching hours, time sequence / interdependence and credits of compulsory, optional compulsory and optional courses are described in detail in the course outlines.

A. Compulsory Courses: Background and General Knowledge

Α1 Background Compulsory Courses    
 Α1.1ΕΙΣΚ100Introduction to Sociology IΕΛΛENG
 Α1.2ΕΙΣΚ101Introduction to Sociology IIΕΛΛENG
 Α1.3ΘΕΩΚ106Social Theory I (Classical Theorists)ΕΛΛENG
 Α1.4ΘΕΩΚ107Social Theory II (Classical Theorists)ΕΛΛENG
 Α1.5ΘΕΩΚ108Social Theory III (Contemporary)ΕΛΛENG
 Α1.6ΙΣΤΚ120Social HistoryΕΛΛENG
 Α1.7ΠΟΚΚ149Sociology of CultureΕΛΛENG
 Α1.8ΑΝΑΚ145Theories of Social Change and DevelopmentΕΛΛENG
 Α1.9ΠΟΛΚ140Introduction to Political SociologyΕΛΛENG
 Α1.10ΜΕΘΚ131Methods and Techniques of Sociological Research: Qualitative MethodsΕΛΛENG
 Α1.11ΜΕΘΚ132Methods and Techniques of Sociological Research: Quantitative MethodsΕΛΛENG
 Α1.12ΣΤΑΚ130Social Statistics IΕΛΛENG
 Α1.13ΘΕΩΚ109-ΕΡΓLaboratory of Classical Social TheoryΕΛΛENG
 Α1.14ΘΕΩΚ110-ΕΡΓLaboratory of Contemporary Social TheoryΕΛΛENG
 Α1.15ΜΕΘΚ131-ΕΡΓLaboratory of Qualitative Methods of Sociological ResearchΕΛΛENG
 Α1.16ΣΤΑΚ 130-ΕΡΓLaboratory of Social Statistics IΕΛΛENG
 Α1.17ΙΣΤΚ120-ΕΡΓSocial History LaboratoryΕΛΛENG
Α2 General Knowledge Compulsory Courses     
 Α2.1ΑΓΓΚ010Level A’ English – Sociology IssuesΕΛΛENG
 Α2.2ΑΓΓΚ020Level B’ English – Sociological ViewsΕΛΛENG
 Α2.3ΑΓΓΚ030Level C’ English – Theorists of SociologyΕΛΛENG
 Α2.4ΑΓΓΚ040Level D’ English – Methods of Sociological ResearchΕΛΛENG

B. Special Background Scientific Area Courses

B.1 Scientific Area: Forms of Social Organization and Transformations  
 B1.1ΑΓΡΚ290Rural Sociology: Socio-Economic Transformations in the Modern Rural AreaΕΛΛENG
 B1.2ΑΣΤΚ273Urban SociologyΕΛΛENG
 B1.3ΒΙΟΚ275Industrial Sociology-Sociology of Labor IΕΛΛENG
 B1.4ΙΣΤΚ218Social History of Modern GreeceΕΛΛENG
 B1.5ΚΙΣΚ209Historical SociologyΕΛΛENG
 B1.6ΠΟΛΚ222Dominant ideologies in the 20th centuryΕΛΛENG
 B1.7ΠΟΛΚ265Social Policy and Welfare StateΕΛΛENG
B.2 Scientific Area: Culture, Social Practices and Conflicts
 B2.1ΑΘΛΚ214Sociology of SportsΕΛΛENG
 B2.2ΑΝΘΚ242Anthropology, Colonialism, RacismΕΛΛENG
 B2.3ΕΚΠΚ248Sociology of EducationΕΛΛENG
 B2.4ΕΠΙΚ251Sociology of CommunicationΕΛΛENG
 B2.5ΚΙΝΚ246Sociology of Collective Action & Social MovementsΕΛΛENG
 B2.6ΥΓΑΚ208Sociology of Health and DiseaseΕΛΛENG
 B2.7ΦΥΡΚ293Sociology of GendersΕΛΛENG

C. Optional Compulsory Courses

C.1: Background Presentations   
 C1.1ΑΝΑΚ276Modern Greek SocietyΕΛΛENG
 C1.2ΕΛΕΚ 215Sociology of LeisureΕΛΛENG
 C1.3ΑΝΘΚ220Introduction to Social AnthropologyΕΛΛENG
 C1.4ΘΡΗΚ285Sociology of ReligionΕΛΛENG
 C1.5ΚΑΠΚ206Social Inequalities and Social ExclusionΕΛΛENG
 C1.6ΠΕΡΚ221Society and EnvironmentΕΛΛENG
C.2.1 Scientific Area: Forms of Social Organization and Transformations
 C21.1ΑΝΑΚ275Third World and DevelopmentΕΛΛENG
 C21.2ΔΗΜΚ268Social Demography IΕΛΛENG
 C21.3ΕΘΝΚ295Sociology of NationalismΕΛΛENG
 C21.4ΚΕΣΚ257Sociology of Labor RelationsΕΛΛENG
 C21.5ΚΟΙΚ294Social aspects of the crisis in GreeceΕΛΛENG
 C21.6ΚΟΜΚ245Sociology of Political PartiesΕΛΛENG
 C21.7ΠΟΛΚ287Sociology of ImmigrationΕΛΛENG
 C21.8ΜΜΕΚ254Political Sociology of Mass MediaΕΛΛENG
 C21.9ΣΚΕΚ200Epistemology of the social sciencesΕΛΛENG
 C21.10ΣΚΕΚ201Productive restructuring and labor relationsΕΛΛENG
 C21.11ΣΥΝΚ278Sociology of the Trade Union MovementΕΛΛENG
C.2.2 Scientific Area: Culture, Conflict and Discrimination
 C22.1ΑΝΘΚ235Anthropology and ArtΕΛΛENG
 C22.2ΑΝΘΚ239Violence and Sanctum: The anthropology of the scapegoatΕΛΛENG
 C22.3ΕΘΝΚ297Nationalism and otherness in public discourseΕΛΛENG
 C22.4ΕΚΠΚ249Education and othernessΕΛΛENG
 C22.5ΕΚΠΚ250Educational policies for social inclusionΕΛΛENG
 C22.6ΕΠΙΚ252Public speech, social representations and public opinionΕΛΛENG
 C22.7ΕΠΙΚ253Communication, misinformation and fake newsΕΛΛENG
 C22.8ΙΔΕΚ247Ideology and cultureΕΛΛENG
 C22.9ΚΙΝΚ252Collective action and social protest in times of crisisΕΛΛENG
 C22.10ΚΤΜΚ266Social identities and biographies in post-industrial societyΕΛΛENG
 C22.11ΜΜΕΚ254Political Sociology of the MediaΕΛΛENG
 C22.12ΠΟΚΚ267Visual culture and social inequalitiesΕΛΛENG
 C22.13ΣΥΠΚ261Conflict politics: democratization and revolutionΕΛΛENG
 C22.14ΥΓΑΚ209Sociology of Mental HealthΕΛΛENG
 C22.15ΥΓΑΚ210Sociology of the bodyΕΛΛENG
C.2.3 Common to both Scientific Areas
 C23.1ΔΙΔΚ205Didactics of sociologyΕΛΛENG
 C23.2ΔΙΚΚ219Sociology of lawΕΛΛENG
 C23.3ΕΓΚΚ239Introduction to criminologyΕΛΛENG
 C23.4ΕΚΠΚ251Educational action researchΕΛΛENG
 C23.5ΕΚΠΚ252Utilization and Application of digital technologies in teachingΕΛΛENG
 C23.6ΘΕΩΚ204Political theory of modernityΕΛΛENG
 C23.7ΘΕΩΚ221Contemporary Approaches to ModernityΕΛΛENG
 C23.8ΙΣΤΚ219Greek Nationalist IdeologyΕΛΛENG
 C23.9ΠΛΗΚ250Computer Applications in Social ResearchΕΛΛENG
 C23.10ΠΛΗΚ251Use of New Technologies in Social ResearchΕΛΛENG
 C23.11ΠΡΑΚ500Graduate TrainingΕΛΛENG
 C23.12ΠΡΑΚ501Graduate Didactic TrainingΕΛΛENG
C.3.1 Scientific Area: Forms of Social Organization and Transformations
 C31.1ΑΓΡΚ390Special topics in rural sociology: European policies and development in the rural areaΕΛΛENG
 C31.2ΑΓΡΚ395Special topics in rural sociology: food securityΕΛΛENG
 C31.3ΑΝΑΚ320Special Topics in the sociology of developmentΕΛΛENG
 C31.4ΑΝΑΚ375Special Topics: third world and developmentΕΛΛENG
 C31.5ΑΣΤΚ372Aspects of the urban phenomenon in GreeceΕΛΛENG
 C31.6ΕΓΚΚ340Special topics in criminology and the sociology of lawΕΛΛENG
 C31.7ΕΡΓΚ375Special topics in the sociology of work. Sociological considerations of unemployment and precariousnessΕΛΛENG
 C31.8ΕΡΓΚ376Special Topics in the sociology of labor relations and trade unionismΕΛΛENG
 C31.9ΚΑΠΚ307Social exclusion-policies of social inclusion in the urban spaceΕΛΛENG
 C31.10ΙΣΤΚ386Greek society in the interwar periodΕΛΛENG
 C31.11ΚΙΣΚ313Special Topics in Historical SociologyΕΛΛENG
 C31.12ΜΕΘΚ397Special Topics of social demographyΕΛΛENG
 C31.13ΠΟΚΚ355Sociology of the internetΕΛΛENG
 C31.14ΠΟΛΚ324Political parties and social action in post-political GreeceΕΛΛENG
 C31.15ΠΟΛΚ325Special Topics: Social aspects of the crisis in GreeceΕΛΛENG
 C31.16ΠΟΛΚ339Political culture and political participationΕΛΛENG
 C31.17ΠΟΛΚ341Special topics in political sociologyΕΛΛENG
 C31.18ΠΟΛΚ362Social policy: Specific integration topicsΕΛΛENG
 C31.19ΠΡΟΚ372Special issues in social policy and the welfare stateΕΛΛENG
C.3.2 Scientific Area: Culture, Social Practices and Conflicts  
 C32.1 ΑΘΛΚ386Special Topics in the Sociology of Sports: culture, identities and rivalriesΕΛΛENG
 C32.2ΑΝΘΚ345Taboo and violationΕΛΛENG
 C32.3ΑΝΘΚ341Anthropology and art: primitivism and modernismΕΛΛENG
 C32.4ΑΟΙΚ301Common, realistic utopias, social and solidarity economyΕΛΛENG
 C32.5ΑΣΤΚ373Cities in the 21st Century: Urban Theory and ResearchΕΛΛENG
 C32.6ΕΓΚΚ395Enclosure and NarrationΕΛΛENG
 C32.7ΕΚΠΚ348Special topics in the Sociology of Education and OthernessΕΛΛENG
 C32.8ΕΡΓΚ371Work and Discrimination. Gender and other forms of discriminationΕΛΛENG
 C32.9ΙΣΤΚ383Social history of gymnastics and sports: nation, gender classΕΛΛENG
 C32.10ΚΙΝΚ371Special Topics in the sociology of social movementsΕΛΛENG
 C32.11ΚΙΝΚ372Special Topics in the research methodology of Collective ActionΕΛΛENG
 C32.12ΚΜΜΚ390Special Topics in the sociology of gender and the mediaΕΛΛENG
 C32.13ΚΜΜΚ397Crime and GenderΕΛΛENG
 C32.14ΜΕΘΚ390The biographical and narrative approach to SociologyΕΛΛENG
 C32.15ΜΜΕΚ323Prejudice and hate speech in the mediaΕΛΛENG
 C32.16ΜΜΕΚ354Special topics in the sociology of the mediaΕΛΛENG
 C32.17ΠΟΚΚ351Challenging youth cultures: graffiti, street art and musical identitiesΕΛΛENG
 C32.18ΠΟΛΚ343Special topics in culture and ideologyΕΛΛENG
 C32.19ΡΑΤΚ387Racism: Psychosocial approachesΕΛΛENG
 C32.20ΥΓΑΚ309Special Topics in the Sociology of Mental HealthΕΛΛENG
 C32.21ΥΓΑΚ310Special Topics in the Sociology of the bodyΕΛΛENG
 C32.22ΥΓΑΚ312Madness and CinemaΕΛΛENG
C.3.3 Common to both Scientific Areas
 C33.1ΘΕΩΚ309Special Topics in Sociological Theory IΕΛΛENG
 C33.2ΘΕΩΚ311Special Topics in Contemporary Social TheoryΕΛΛENG
 C33.3ΘΕΩΚ313Special Topics in Contemporary Social TheoryIIIΕΛΛENG
 C33.4ΘΕΩΚ324Systems TheoriesΕΛΛENG
 C33.5ΘΕΩΚ327Critical TheoryΕΛΛENG
 C33.6ΘΕΩΚ328Special Topics in Social TheoryΕΛΛENG
 C33.7ΘΕΩΚ331The social theory of Karl MarxΕΛΛENG
 C33.8ΘΕΩΚ332Theories of fascismΕΛΛENG
 C33.9ΜΕΘΚ388Methodological Issues of Quantitative Social SurveysΕΛΛENG
 C33.10ΜΕΘΚ391Speech Theory and AnalysisΕΛΛENG
 C33.11ΜΕΘΚ393Collection and analysis of qualitative data in social researchΕΛΛENG
 C33.12ΜΕΘΚ394Quantitative Methods SeminarΕΛΛENG
 C33.13ΜΕΘΚ398Methodological Issues in Modern Historical SociologyΕΛΛENG
 C33.14ΣΤΑΚ330Special Topics in Social StatisticsΕΛΛENG
 C33.15ΦΥΔΚ393Sociology of Law and GenderΕΛΛENG
 C33.16ΦΥΛΚ325Gender relations in social historyΕΛΛENG

D. Optional Courses

They are offered by other Departments of the University of Crete or, by decision of the Assembly, by other Departments of Universities of the country.