The Department of Sociology is part of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Crete. It was officially established in 1984 and began operation during the academic year 1987-8. Initially it was housed at the school complex of Perivolia area, but since March 1998 it has moved at the university campus at Gallos, Rethymno. The campus stretches over an area of 1500 hectares and lies 4 km NW of the city of Rethymno.

Studies at the Department of Sociology aim at providing theoretical and methodological knowledge on the areas of social structure, social interaction and social institutions. The aim of the academic programme is to equip students with theoretical knowledge on the subject matters of sociology and to teach them how to apply methodoligal tools and carry out empirical research. Special emphasis is given in develoloping independent and reflexive sociological thinking that will allow students to analyse social phenomena, and to reflect on the consequences of their actions on social reality.