TSIOLIS GEORGIOSΕλληνική έκδοση σελίδας

Professor on Research Methodology in Social Sciences – Qualitative Research Methods.

University of Crete
Department of Sociology
Gallos Campus
741 00 Rethymno, Greece
Email: tsiolisg at uoc.gr
CV Tsiolis


  • PhD in Social Science. Department of Sociology. University of Crete (2002)
  • B.A. in Philosophy and Social Science. Department of Philosophy and Social Studies. University of Crete (1989)

Teaching Interests

  • Qualitative methods of social research
  • Analysis of qualitative data
  • Biographical and narrative approach
  • Social identities and biographies in the late modernity.

Fields of academic interests

  • Methodology of Social Research
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Biographical & narrative approach
  • Mixed and combined method
  • Secondary analysis of qualitative data
  • Sociology of work

Selected publications

  • G. Tsiolis & M. Christodoulou. Social causation and Biographical Research. Philosophical, theoretical, and methodological arguments. London / New York, Routledge (Serie: Routledge Advances in Research Methods). ISDN: 9780367620363. 2020.
  • G. Tsiolis & Z. Kasseri, Drug addiction treatment as biographical work: Life-stories of young women in recovery from addiction. In C. Chatwin, G. R. Potter and B. Werse (eds). ‘Who? Variation and distinction in the European drugs landscape. ESSD (European Society for Social Drug Research) Book 2020. Sept. 2020 Forthcoming.
  •  G. Tsiolis & I. Siouti, „Wenn ich Widerstand merke, dann mache ich erst recht weiter… “. Im Gespräch mit Gabriele Rosenthal über ihre Geschichte als Biographieforscherin. In Köttig M. & N. Witte, (Hrsg.): Biographie und Gesellschaft. Weinheim: Beltz Juventa.  2021.
  • G. Tsiolis, O campo da pesquisa biográfica na Grécia: desenvolvimento histórico e perspectiva atual (The field of biographical research in Greece: historical development and actual perspectives). Revista Brasileira de Pesquisa (Auto) Biográfica (RBPAB), v.03, n.09, 2018, pp. 846-859. DOI: 10.31892/rbpab2525-426X.2018.v3.n9.p846-859.
  • G. Tsiolis, Biographieforschung in Griechenland. In H. Lutz, M. Schiebel & E. Tuider (Hrsg.) Handbuch Biographieforschung. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. 2018, S. 753-764.
  • G. Tsiolis: Analyzing qualitative data: dilemmas, opportunities, processes. In: I. Pyrgiotakis & Cr. Theofilidis (eds) Research Methodology in Social Sciences and Education. Contribution to epistemology and research praxis. Athens: Pedio. 2016. (in Greek). pp. 422-450.
  • G. Tsiolis: Methods and techniques of analysis in qualitative social research. Athens: Kritiki 2014. (in Greek). ISBN: 978- 960-218-885-9
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  • G. Tsiolis. Biographical constructions and transformations: using biographical methods for studying transcultural identities. Papers – Revista de Sociologia (Autonomic University of Barcelona), 2012, 97 (1): 113-127.
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  • G. Tsiolis: Life histories and biographical narrations. Biographical approach in qualitative social research. Athens: Kritiki 2006.(in Greek).ISBN: 960-218-481-7