Arapoglou Vassilis


Ελληνική έκδοση σελίδας

Associate Professor in sociology of inequalities and social exclusion

University of Crete
Department of Sociology
Gallos Campus
741 00 Rethymno, Greece
Τel.: +302831077496
e-mail:arapov at
Office hours: to be announce with the beginning of the teaching classes

BSc Economics (Athens), MSc Urban & Regional Development (Athens), MSc Social Policy (LSE), PhD (LSE).

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses on urban sociology, urban development and social policy at the National Technical University of Athens, University of the Aegean, University of Thessaly. Since 2003 tutor at the Greek Open University. 2007-2012 Lecturer at the department of sociology university of Crete.


Urban inequalities, poverty and social exclusion, urban social policies in comparative perspective, social psychology of urban problems, migration, citizenship and forms of belonging

Research Fellow: Hellenic Observatory- European Insitute LSE (UK), OpenSpace Research Centre (Open University UK) Greek National Centre for Social Research, Institute of Urban and Rural Sociology, Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (Athens), Immigration Policy Institute (Athens), Panteion University (Athens).

Μέλος συντακτικής επιτροπής του European Urban & Regional Studies, Κριτής σε περιοδικά και οργανισμούς: European Science Foundation, European Urban & Regional Studies, International Journal of Urban & Regional Research, Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning, Journal of Housing & the Built Environment, SageOpenEuropean Urban and Regional Studies (Editor 2013-2018)

EU HORIZON 2020 SC6 Programme Committee (National Representative 2017-2020)

Editorial board member: European Urban and Regional Studies (2008-2012) Sage Open (2013-2016)

Κοινωνικός ‘Ατλαντας της Αθήνας 2015-… Μέλος της συντακτικής ομάδας.

Selected Publications

  • 2017 (with Gounis K.) Contested Landscapes of Poverty and Homelessness in Southern Europe: Reflections from Athens, London: Palgrave Macmillan
  • 2016, Researching Housing Exclusion and Homelessness in Southern Europe: Learning Through Comparing Cities and Tracking Policies. European Journal of Homelessness 10(3): 87-103.
  • 2015, El fantasma del grexit: debates políticos, experimentos y ansiedad por el futuro de una Europa socialmente inclusiva. Abaco: Revista de cultura y ciencias sociales, (83), 105-113.
  • 2012 Diversity, Inequality and Urban Change, Special Issue Editorial, European Urban and Regional Studies19(3)223 http//
  • 2012 Social polarisation and desegregation in Athens (με συνεργάτες) στο Maloutas T Fujita K (Eds) Residential segregation around the world: Why context Matters, Farham: Ashgate
  • 2011 Segregation, inequality and marginality in context: the case of Athens The Greek Review of Social Research, special issue international edition 136C: 135-155
  • 2009 New facets of urban segregation in Southern Europe: gender, migration and social class change in Athens European Urban and Regional Studies, 16(4): 345-362 (με συνεργάτες)
  • 2008 Immigration and the competitiveness – cohesion equilibrium in Athens στο Ahe P Andersen H Maloutas T Raco M (Eds) Cities between competitiveness and cohesion: discourses, realities and implementation: 119-134. Netherlands: Springer Verlag (με συνεργάτες)
  • 2006 Immigration, segregation and urban development in Athens: The relevance of the L.A. debate for Southern European Metropolises The Greek Review of Social Research, special issue international edition, 121C: 11-39
  • 2004 The governance of homelessness in the European South: spatial and institutional contexts of philanthropy in Athens. Urban Studies, 41(3): 621-640