The Department of Sociology of the University of Crete organizes, since the Academic year 2018-19, a Program of Postgraduate Study (PPS) titled “Sociology: Theory, Culture, Social Change” (4485/2017).

The subject of P.M.S. “Sociology: Theory, Culture, Social Change” is the sociological theory and the sociological theoretical and research approaches of the fields of culture and social transformations.

The general purpose of P.M.S. is to contribute to the promotion of knowledge and the development of research in the scientific field of Sociology.

The strategic goal of P.M.S. is to offer sociological education and specialization to postgraduate students and to acquaint them with a critical understanding of social and cultural differences and inequalities in the changing social conditions of modern globalized reality.

It also aims to train qualified scientists who will have the ability to design and implement empirical social research using quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods.

The graduates of P.M.S. will be properly trained to work as executives of the central administration of the State, as executives in public and private organizations and companies, as research associates in research programs as well as in bodies that formulate and pursue social and development policies.