Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors provide students with information and guidance on their studies.
Every student enrolled for a degree programme is assigned an Academic Advisor who is a member of the teaching faculty of that Department.

Academic Advisors can assist students with their study programme in matters such as course choices, training and research options, managing curriculum problems or clarifying any questions about academic regulations. They can also act as a link between students and the University support services, such as the Student Welfare office, the Internships Office, and the Student Counselling Center, so as to enrich the students’ academic experience and help them meet their academic goals.

All students are advised to contact their Academic Advisors and meet them at least once a year. Information on names and contact hours are available at the Department’s secretariat.

Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman acts as a student advocate. The Ombudsman represents the interests of students by addressing issues of maladministration or violation of rights and attempting to resolve them through mediation between students and faculty or administrative services of the University.

The Ombudsman investigates cases, acting either on his/her own initiative or upon a student complaint, and mediates with the appropriate bodies of the University to resolve such cases in accordance with the principles of academic freedom and the proper functioning of the University. The Ombudsman is entitled to ask the University services to provide information, documents or other evidence relevant to the case, interview persons, conduct inspections or commission expertise. If the Ombudsman establishes that a specific case does not comply with the law or that the proper functioning of the University may be disrupted, s/he will take all appropriate steps to resolve the issue. The Student Ombudsman has, however, no jurisdiction in student examinations or grading issues.