Kalogeraki Stefania


Ελληνική έκδοση σελίδας

Assistant Professor in Quantitative Methods in Sociology and Social Demography

University of Crete
Department of Sociology
Gallos Campus
74100 Rethymno Greece
Tel: +302831077473
E-mail: kaloge at uoc.gr
Office hours: to be announce with the beginning of the teaching classes


  • 1998 BSc Statistics (Department of Statistics, Athens University of Economic and Business, Greece)
  • 2002 M.A Sociology with Research Training (Department of Sociology, University of Reading, UK)
  • 2007 Ph.D Sociology (Thesis: The effects of culture on teenage drug taking: Cross-national differences between the UK, Sweden and Greece) (Department of Sociology, University of Reading, UK)


Since 2008, she teaches in the Department of Sociology at the University of Crete. Her course topics include: Social Statistics, Quantitative Methods in Sociology, Social Demography, Applied Social Research.

Fields of academic interests

  • Comparative social research
  • Questionnaire design and measurement error
  • Social demographic analysis
  • Mixed methods in social science research

Selected publications

  • Kalogeraki, S. & Kousis M. (Eds.) (2015) Research Practices and Methodological Challenges in Studying Economic Crisis’ Social Impacts. Athens: Epikentro (Greek Sociological Review vol.2-3, in Greek).
  • Kalogeraki, S. & Papadaki, M. (2015). The impact of mobile phones on teenagers’ socialization and emancipation. In Y. Zheng (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Mobile Phone Behavior (pp.12-24). PA: IGI Global.
  • Kalogeraki, S. (2014). Migrant-related attitudes among the ethnic majority and migrant group during prosperous and recessionary times: The case of Greece. In N. Petropoulos & G. Tsobanoglou (Eds.), The Debt Crisis in the Eurozone: Social impacts (pp.206-226). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Kalogeraki, S. (2013). Mixed method design applications: The explorative sequential design in instrument development of social research. In M. Pourkos (Ed.) Potentialities and limits of mixing methods in Social, Psychological and Educational Research: Epistemological and methodological issues of prospects in research
    design (pp.293-317). Athens: Ion Publishing (in Greek).
  • Kalogeraki, S. (2010). Introduction to Social Demography. Athens: Gutenberg (in Greek).