Administrative and Academic Staff

Head of the Department
Zaimakis Ioannis
email : sociology-head at
tel. no. +302831077468

Department Secretary

email: regist at
tel. No. +302831077466 fax: +302831077467

Moundrianaki Marina
email: moundrim at +302831077466 fax: +302831077467

Ntanalaki Galateia
email: ntanalag at
tel. no. +302831077465

Akoumianaki Maria
email: maria.akoumianaki at
tel. no. +302831077491


Associate Professors / Readers

Assistant Professors/Senior Lecturers


Laboratory Teaching Staff

Academic and Katsarakis Scholars 2016-17

Academic Scholars 2017-18

Academic Scholars 2018-19

Specialised Research and Teaching Staff

Specialised Technical and Laboratory Staff